1. Standard Shipping: This is the default shipping method to provide delivery within the specified time frame. It is usually the most cost-effective option and is suitable for non-urgent orders.

2. Express: This method provides faster delivery compared to standard shipping. It’s usually more expensive but ensures the package arrives faster. Suitable for customers who need items urgently.

3. Free Shipping: This option is very popular with online shoppers. It can offer free shipping on eligible orders based on factors such as order value, specific products, or promotional offers. Free shipping can motivate customers to make a purchase.

4. Same day delivery: This expedited shipping option guarantees delivery on the same day the order is placed. It is especially useful for time-sensitive purchases or for customers close to a warehouse or store.

5. Store Pickup: This option allows customers to order online and pick up from a physical store or designated pickup location. It offers convenience to customers who want to avoid shipping costs or want to receive their items quickly.

6. International Shipping: For customers located outside the domestic market, international shipping is provided to enable them to receive international orders. This involves working with a reliable international shipping provider with clear information on shipping costs, duties and delivery times.

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